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Get a yard tree

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation can help you get a free yard tree through its TreePhilly program.

Yard trees:

  • Are planted on private property in front, side, or back yards.
  • Are planted by residents and/or property owners.
  • Can be requested through the TreePhilly Yard Tree Giveaway Program each fall and spring.

If you would like a tree on your sidewalk or along other public rights-of-way, you should get a street tree.


Philadelphia property owners can apply to get a free tree for their yard.

When and where

Tree requests are made in February or September.


There are two ways to get a yard tree:

1. Free yard trees are available through Philadelphia Parks & Rec’s TreePhilly program.

  • Register for a yard tree. Registration information will be available in February.
  • Trees are planted by the property owner/resident.
  • Tree planting and care instructions are offered at tree pick-up sites.

2. Buy your own tree at a nursery or garden center. Find local nurseries at: UC Green (click on resources); or hire a private contractor/ISA certified arborist.

  • Trees are planted by resident or contractor or certified City arborist.
  • If you have limited mobility and cannot pick up and plant your tree, we are offering a free delivery and planting service. There are a limited number of slots available for this service. Apply for free delivery and planting service.

Forms & instructions

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