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Get your annual flu shot

For most people, getting the flu means getting sick – usually for about a week. But for some people, the flu can be deadly. In the US, the flu kills tens of thousands of people per year.

So protect yourself and your loved ones: get a flu shot so you don’t pass it on to people who are more vulnerable than you are.


You don’t need health insurance to get your flu shot. You can visit a Community Flu Clinic or a Health Center’s walk-in flu shot hours. Find one that’s convenient to where you live or work.

If you do have health insurance, you can visit a pharmacy that provides vaccines.


If you don’t have health insurance, you must be ages 19 to 64 to get your flu shot at a Community Flu Clinic or Health Center.

If you do have health insurance, most pharmacies will give a flu shot to anybody over age 9.