#PhillyMayorThisWeek is a weekly snapshot of what happened in Philly government this week using five moments.

Read below to find out what happened over the past week — and how you can get involved or learn about programs!

1. The Mayor spoke about Philadelphia’s commitment to prevent domestic violence at the iPledge rally held by Women Against Abuse.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; part of the month’s events included a rally organized by Women Against Abuse where participants took the pledge against intimate-partner violence. You can learn more about the City’s response to domestic violence and how to support those affected using these resources and events.

 2. With the help of activists and other proud Philadelphians, Mayor Kenney unveiled a statue of local civil rights hero Octavius Catto.

The statue is the first one dedicated to a single African American on public land in Philadelphia. Catto was a civil rights activist, major in the Civil War, educator, and Philadelphian whose life and work were  cut short when he was gunned down on South Street while urging other Black men to vote in the first federal election after enactment of the 15th Amendment. “My hope is that some day, every child in Philadelphia — and America — will know as much about Octavius V. Catto as they do about George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Dr. Martin Luther King,” Mayor Kenney said at the statue’s unveiling, the conclusion of a 15-year effort started when Mayor Kenney was a councilman. Reflecting on Catto’s legacy, Mayor Kenney wrote a blog about the day as well as Catto’s personal history. 

 3. The Mayor visited Emlen Elementary to announce the newest #StartupPHL grant recipients.

The most StartupPHL call for ideas focused on applicants whose initiatives help connect youth to technology; this round of grants provides $100,000 to five organizations, including the Philadelphia Children’s Foundation and Coded by Kids. You can learn more about the recipients and StartupPHL’s programs from the Department of Commerce!

 4. Mayor Kenney visited the Pennsylvania Conference for Women and spoke out in support of gender equality.

Held annually, the conference features both influential Pennsylvania women and women from across the world committed to equality and empowerment. This year, former first lady Michelle Obama was one of the event’s speakers; Michelle Obama’s husband, former president Barack Obama, made a special appearance in a video, too. In September, the Philadelphia Commission for Women released a report on the state of women and girls in the city.

 5. After the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, Mayor Kenney joined hundreds of Philadelphians at a vigil in honor of the victims and to urge lawmakers to pass stricter gun control measures.

Following the tragic death of nearly 60 people at an attack in Las Vegas this week, the Mayor joined City officials, residents, and local activists to demand action on gun control. You can find your elected officials by visiting USA.gov. If you or someone you know has been effected by violence there are resources available here.

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