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Department of Revenue

2017 Realty Transfer Tax collection

The City of Philadelphia imposes a Realty Transfer Tax on the sale or transfer of real property located in Philadelphia. These documents contain data on the collections of the Realty Transfer Tax in 2017.

Mayor’s Office of Education

Community School Plans

The community school plans are a culmination of the feedback community school coordinators have collected from various stakeholders. Using that feedback, coordinators, along with their community schools committees, were able to prioritize each school’s specific needs. Below, each plan details that school’s findings.

Department of Revenue

Flyers for taxpayer assistance programs

A complete guide of assistance programs to help homeowners and water bill customers with paying their bills, designed especially for community leaders to have all Revenue flyers in one place. These flyers promote Revenue programs that help senior citizens, low-income households, homeowners with delinquent real estate taxes and persons looking for free tax preparations.

Office of Sustainability

Good Food Caterer Guide

This guide helps consumers find businesses offering food that meets at least two of the four ‘good food’ values: healthy, fair, sustainably-sourced, and locally-owned.

Office of Sustainability

Soil Safety and Urban Gardening Report

This report contains the latest research regarding soil safety policy, discussions and takeaways from leading experts in the Philadelphia Soil Safety Working Group, as well as recommendations to the City of Philadelphia on how to support urban growers through soil safety resources and protocols.  

Office of Sustainability

Philadelphia Food Policy Road Map

This document acts a guide to Philadelphia's food system. Use the "roadmap" to learn about issues, challenges, and opportunities surrounding food system and learn how you can support the health of Philadelphian's and access to food through a set of recommendations.

Office of Property Assessment

Homestead Exemption application

The Homestead Exemption reduces the taxable portion of your property assessment by $30,000 if you own a home in Philadelphia and use it as your primary residence. You can fill out the online application, or print one of the application forms and send them by mail to: City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue PO Box 52817 Philadelphia, PA 19115

Department of Revenue

2014 Owner Occupied Payment Agreement reports

The Owner Occupied Payment Agreement (OOPA) is a payment agreement option for people who own and reside in their property. The plan is designed to create an affordable repayment agreement on delinquent taxes, while also requiring the homeowner to stay current on new taxes as they become due each year.