Employment Opportunities

Mass Care Planning Coordinator

The successful candidate for this position will assist with the development, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated preparedness program to support the preparedness for and response to emergency incidents in Philadelphia.

Under the direction of the Health & Human Services Program Manager, the Mass Care Planning Coordinator is responsible for a range of activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Gaining subject matter expertise in the area of disaster response and recovery related to human services.
  • Developing partnerships with stakeholders from local, state and federal government as well as community-based organizations, non-profit organizations and private entities.
  • Researching, reviewing, and synthesizing best practices related to human services planning and operations.
  • Leading planning initiatives related to human services, including, but not limited to mass care and congregate services, individual client services, family assistance services, coordination of disaster assistance centers, interim housing, and other recovery efforts.
  • Writing, maintaining, and updating a complement of documents including, but not limited to project memorandums, citywide emergency plans, and incident action plans.
  • Facilitating communication and coordination between agencies involved in emergency response under the direction of designated OEM response team leaders.
  • Assist with incorporating considerations for vulnerable populations and those with access and functional needs (AFN) into emergency management planning.
  • Engaging and developing communication systems between OEM and community-based service organizations, and reviewing policies, plans, and procedures for AFN considerations.
  • Performing other work as required.

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Regional Integration Center Coordinator

In order to ensure the overall readiness of the City and OEM, the Regional Integration Center Coordinator will be required to work during non-business hours. Successful candidates must be City residents within six months of hire. OEM staff also periodically work during non-scheduled hours for extended periods of time, as needed in a field environment, and during activations of Philadelphia’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The Regional Integration Center Coordinator is responsible for a range of activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Collect, assemble, and disseminate information on operations which require substantial material and personnel support.
  • Confirm the scope and nature of incidents, and analyze information from multiple sources.
  • Serve as the primary interface and point of contact for Emergency Management personnel to provide critical information, updates, and support during the monitoring, response and recovery phases of the emergency response cycle.
  • Ensure that information about multi-agency responses or incidents is properly communicated and personnel are alerted in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure that department personnel are informed of any critical situational updates during response efforts.
  • Provide support to communication and coordination efforts in the field at large events or incidents.
  • Produce deliverables to be used by response staff including but not limited to mapping products, situation reports, images, informational packages, response reports, liaison updates, and after-action reports.
  • Manage and analyze data related to citywide response efforts,
  • Maintain communication equipment to make sure it is in a constant state of readiness and perform regular operational tests.
  • Perform other work as required.

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