Fair Housing Commission

Enforcing fair rental practices and protecting renters from unsafe housing conditions.

Fair Housing Commission

What we do

The Fair Housing Commission (FHC) makes sure that renters have safe places to live and that landlords follow housing laws. The five-member commission and staff help people know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to renting a property.

The commission:

  • Enforces the City’s Fair Housing Ordinance.
  • Ensures rental properties are safe, healthy, and in good condition.
  • Verifies that landlords have necessary rental licenses and certificates.
  • Educates tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Connects landlords and tenants to services and assistance.

We believe rental housing that works for everybody makes Philadelphia a better place to live.


601 Walnut St.
Suite 300 South
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Email fairhousingcomm@phila.gov

You can access the Fair Housing Commission's full content on our existing website.


Rue Landau
Executive Director
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Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Rosemary Branigan Supervisor(215) 686-4687
Naarah' Crawley Executive Secretary(215) 686-4674
Monica Gonzalez Clerk 3(215) 686-6347
Brenda Madera Human Relations Rep II(215) 686-4689
Kahlila Skipper Human Relations Rep II(215) 686-4696