Department of Human Services

Working together with communities to support families and protect children.

Department of Human Services

What we do

Philadelphia DHS is the county child welfare agency. Our main service areas include:

  • Child Welfare. We operate Philadelphia’s child abuse hotline, investigate child abuse and neglect allegations, and help children involved with DHS achieve a permanent home. We manage the private organizations (Community Umbrella Agencies) that provide case management and other support services.
  • Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC). IOC is our community based approach to providing child welfare services. The focus is one case manager, one plan, with services in the community. The priority is that more kids stay in their community of origin and live with kin. We want to reduce the number of youth in residential placement.

IOC is a partnership with Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs), who are private providers. CUAs provide case management of families involved with DHS.

  • Foster and Adoption. We work with state-licensed agencies who certify foster homes. The goal of foster care is to reunite children with their families. When this is not possible, many resource parents choose to adopt the children that are in their care. Learn more about fostering and adoption.
  • Juvenile Justice. We operate Philadelphia’s juvenile detention center, manage contracts for court-ordered youth programs, and work to divert youth from the formal justice system through intensive prevention services.
  • Prevention. Prevention services work to reduce child abuse and neglect and to support families to care for their children safely at home.


1515 Arch St.
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