City Treasurer’s Office

Safeguarding the City of Philadelphia’s financial resources by managing the City’s debt, investments, and credit rating.

City Treasurer’s Office

What we do

The City Treasurer’s Office (CTO):

  • Manages new and outstanding debt for the City of Philadelphia.
  • Serves as the disbursement agent for all City-related payments.
  • Invests reserves and excess investment operating funds.
  • Works to improve and maintain the credit rating for the City, Water Department, Gas Works, and Division of Aviation.

For more on the City’s bond ratings and its upcoming debt issuance calendar, see our Investor Information page.


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 640
Philadelphia, PA 19102

You can access the City Treasurer’s Office's full content on our existing website.


Rasheia R. Johnson
City Treasurer
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Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Matthew Bowman Executive Director of the Sinking Fund Commission
Christian Dunbar Deputy City Treasurer, Debt
Christopher Schwartz Deputy City Treasurer, Banking & Investments