City government directory

  • Anti-Graffiti Network

    Coordinating efforts between City agencies, business organizations, and community groups dedicated to the eradication of graffiti vandalism.

  • Board of Ethics

    Providing ethics training for City employees and enforcing City campaign finance, financial disclosure, and conflict of interest laws.

  • Board of Pensions and Retirement

    Ensuring that retirement benefits promised to the active and retired members of the City's Pension system are provided in a timely and professional manner.

  • Board of Revision of Taxes

    Hearing and deciding on all property assessment and valuation appeals.

  • Budget Director

    Overseeing the plans and proposals pertaining to the City's spending and investing.

  • Bureau of Administrative Adjudication

    Providing administrative hearings for disputed parking tickets.

  • Cable TV – Channel 64

    Streaming live video of City of Philadelphia press conferences, public hearings, and council meetings.

  • City Planning Commission

    Guiding the orderly growth and development of the City of Philadelphia.

  • Commission on Aging

    Improving the quality of life for older Philadelphians by offering free services to residents and employers.

  • Commission on Asian American Affairs

    Ensuring the Mayor is aware of issues and concerns in the Asian American community and serving as a connector between the Asian American community and social service agencies, cultural organizations, and City government.

  • Commission on Human Relations

    Enforcing civil rights laws and addressing all matters of inter-group conflict within Philadelphia.

  • Commission on Parks and Recreation

    Promoting opportunities for our city’s park and recreational spaces and their users; developing and adopting written, enforceable standards, and guidelines for park and recreation land and facilities related to their use; making recommendations to expand and diversify revenue options for recreational and capital expenditures; and assisting in promoting, supporting, and enhancing the image of parks and recreational facilities and programs.

  • Commission on People with Disabilities

    Providing a forum for the disability community to express interest and opinions on City programs and services and seeking to bring positive visibility to people with disabilities.

  • Community Life Improvement Program

    Revitalizing Philadelphia’s neighborhoods by removing blight.

  • Contracts Legislation Unit

    Reviewing current contracting practices to ensure that they follow City laws and legal requirements.

  • Defender Association of Philadelphia

    Providing legal services to low-income criminal defendants in Philadelphia.

  • Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

    Stewarding the design, development, and management of the Central Delaware River Waterfront between Oregon and Allegheny Avenues.

  • Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

    Working with individuals and families to help Philadelphians live healthy, self-determined lives.

  • Department of Commerce

    Making Philadelphia a business-friendly city where companies choose to start, stay, and grow.

  • Department of Human Services

    Working together with communities to support families and protect children.

  • Department of Licenses and Inspections

    Regulating the conduct of businesses and persons by issuing licenses, conducting inspections, and enforcing applicable codes and regulations.

  • Department of Prisons

    Providing a secure correctional environment that adequately detains persons accused or convicted of illegal acts and preparing incarcerated persons for reentry into society.

  • Department of Public Health

    Protecting and promoting the health of all Philadelphians.

  • Department of Public Property

    Managing the physical infrastructure that supports City government operations through acquisition, care, and maintenance of City properties.

  • Department of Records

    Setting records management standards and procedures for all City agencies, managing public access to municipal records, collecting realty transfer taxes and document recording fees, and maintaining the City's real property database and tax maps.

  • Department of Revenue

    Collecting taxes due to the City and the School District of Philadelphia.

  • Department of Streets

    Ensuring clean, safe, and green streets for the people of Philadelphia.

  • Division of Housing & Community Development

    Administering housing and community development programs to benefit low- and moderate-income residents.

  • Fair Housing Commission

    Conducting investigations that address unfair rental practices, including utility cut offs and illegal evictions, rent increases, and changes in the terms of a lease.

  • First Judicial District of Pennsylvania

    Housing the Court of Common Pleas, Municipal Court, and Traffic Court.

  • Free Library of Philadelphia

    Building a community devoted to lifelong learning by advancing functional, technological, career, financial, cultural, and civic literacy.

  • Historical Commission

    Ensuring the preservation of historic buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors, and districts.

  • Human Resources and Talent Unit

    Focusing on the development and implementation of strategic human resource initiatives and process improvements across City government.

  • Law Department (Office of the City Solicitor)

    Providing legal advice to City offices, departments, boards, and commissions; collecting fines, taxes, and other debts owed the City, the representation of the City, and its officers in litigation; preparing ordinances for introduction in City Council; and negotiating City contracts.

  • Managing Director’s Office

    Improving the performance and progress of the City’s operating departments.

  • Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement

    Transforming the narrative for men and boys of color in the City of Philadelphia.

  • Mayor’s Office of Education

    Creating partnerships to support improved educational outcomes for children and adults and advocating for parents, young people, and schools.

  • Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement

    Ensuring residents have access to City government and a voice in the drafting and implementation of City policies.

  • Mural Arts Program

    Uniting artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives.

  • Office of Administrative Review

    Reviewing cases where residents disagree with a fine, violation notice, or other administrative decision made by the City of Philadelphia.

  • Office of Adult Education

    Working to equip all adults in Philadelphia with the education and work-ready skills they need to qualify for family-sustaining employment and post-secondary training.

  • Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy

    Supporting Philadelphia's creative sector through partnership, promotion, and education.

  • Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service

    Overseeing the development and implementation of the Mayor's strategic plan for service.

  • Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity

    Addressing poverty in Philadelphia by helping low-income residents realize economic security.

  • Office of Economic Opportunity

    Working with the Philadelphia business community to build internal and external alliances among minority (MBE), women (WBE), or disabled (DSBE) owned business enterprises, City government, and private industries.

  • Office of Emergency Management

    Focusing people, plans, and programs to promote a prepared and resilient Philadelphia.

  • Office of Fleet Management

    Providing vehicles for City employees to keep the City moving.

  • Office of Homeless Services

    Providing a wide array of services through policy and planning, including emergency, transitional, and supportive housing to individuals, couples, and families who are homeless.

  • Office of Human Resources

    Recruiting, developing, and retaining a qualified and diverse workforce for the City of Philadelphia.

  • Office of Immigrant Affairs

    Implementing policies and programs and ensuring access to services that strengthen the well-being of Philadelphia's immigrant communities.

  • Office of Innovation and Technology

    Overseeing all major information and communication technology initiatives for City government and increasing the effectiveness of the City’s information technology infrastructure.

  • Office of LGBT Affairs

    Serving the LGBTQ residents of Philadelphia through advocacy and inclusion.

  • Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation

    Creating digital services that support the success and well-being of all Philadelphians.

  • Office of Performance Management

    Working to enable City departments and government as a whole to measure, track, and report on the progress of major goals and initiatives; and utilizing data and evidence to make policy and program decisions.

  • Office of Property Assessment

    Establishing real property values which serve as the basis for real estate taxes levied by the City of Philadelphia.

  • Office of Risk Management

    Providing safety and loss prevention programs and analyzing the City's insurance and other risk exposure issues, including managing claims, workers' compensation, and service-connected disabilities.

  • Office of Special Events

    Building the City’s event capacity by streamlining inter-agency coordination, increasing community and business engagement efforts, and leading research into international municipal best practices.

  • Office of Sustainability

    Working to improve quality of life in Philadelphia by providing environmental, equity, economic, and health benefits for all.

  • Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

    Bringing innovation to key enabling functions of City government.

  • Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

    Working to build an inclusive government that looks like the City of Philadelphia.

  • Office of the Chief Integrity Officer

    Explaining why and how the City operates ethically.

  • Office of the City Commissioners

    Overseeing voter registration and elections for the City of Philadelphia.

  • Office of the City Controller

    Auditing City offices, departments, boards, and commissions that receive appropriations from City Council; conducting performance audits to determine the effectiveness of City operations; publishing reports on the financial condition of City government; and conducting policy analyses.

  • Office of the City Representative

    Promoting Philadelphia by producing and highlighting special events across the city and representing the Mayor and the City of Philadelphia at events.

  • Office of the City Treasurer

    Managing new and outstanding City debts, supervising custodial banking for all City government funds, disbursing payments from the City Treasury, and providing a source of revenue to support the City's financial commitments.

  • Office of the Director of Finance

    Overseeing the financial, accounting, and budgeting functions of the executive branch.

  • Office of the District Attorney

    Providing a voice for victims of crime and protecting the community through dedicated, ethical, and effective investigations and prosecutions.

  • Office of the Inspector General

    Enhancing the public confidence in the integrity of the City government by rooting out corruption, fraud, misconduct, waste and mismanagement. The OIG is the watchdog for the taxpayers of the city.

  • Office of the Mayor

    Supporting the work of Philadelphia's Mayor.

  • Office of the Sheriff

    Protecting the lives, property, and rights of city residents; providing safety to those who enter Philadelphia courtrooms; and managing sheriff sale properties.

  • Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems

    The Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems is charged with building a shared vision and coordinating decision-making among agencies in order to save money and improve conditions throughout the City’s transportation system.

  • Philadelphia City Council

    Conducting hearings and public meetings on proposed bills and issues concerning the City of Philadelphia.

  • Philadelphia Fire Department

    Working around the clock to respond to emergencies and keep residents safe.

  • Philadelphia Gas Commission

    Overseeing the management and operation of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW).

  • Philadelphia Housing Authority

    Operating housing programs and improving residences for limited income Philadelphians.

  • Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation

    Serving the housing needs of low and moderate income Philadelphians since 1964, through landownership and house repair programs.

  • Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

    Planning and implementing real estate and financing transactions that attract investment, jobs, and tax ratables to the City of Philadelphia.

  • Philadelphia Information Locator Service

    Helping users of City government information determine what information is available on a particular topic or from a particular source, where that information is located, and how to access the information.

  • Philadelphia International Airport

    Serving the entire Philadelphia region with national and international flights operated by major airline carriers.

  • Philadelphia Land Bank

    Returning vacant and tax-delinquent properties to productive use.

  • Philadelphia Parking Authority

    Providing a well-organized transportation system, managing parking and traffic management programs on city streets, and building and operating parking lots and garages.

  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

    Protecting over 10,200 acres of public land and waterways, and managing hundreds of recreation, environmental, and cultural centers.

  • Philadelphia Police Department

    Policing Philadelphia County working to fight crimes and enforce laws for residents and visitors.

  • Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority

    Focusing on the redevelopment of Philadelphia while creating balanced mixed-use communities to establish thriving, well-served and revitalized neighborhoods.

  • Philadelphia Veterans Advisory Commission

    Serving the veterans of our city providing them with the information they need regarding all benefits, social services and counseling they are entitled to.

  • Philadelphia Water Department

    Providing a reliable water supply for households and businesses in the city, sustaining and enhancing the region's watersheds, and managing wastewater and stormwater effectively.

  • Philly311

    Providing access to City government, delivering updates and information, and working with City departments to improve Philadelphia.

  • Police Advisory Commission

    Working hard to improve the relationship between the Police Department and the community by providing civilian oversight.

  • Procurement Department

    Managing and acquiring goods and services for the City of Philadelphia using a fair, open, and cost-effective process.

  • Recycling

    Encouraging Philadelphians to recycle through a variety of rewards programs and initiatives.

  • Regional Emergency Medical Services

    Planning, interpreting, implementing, and requiring compliance with the laws and regulations of EMS on the federal, state, and local levels.

  • Register of Wills

    Transferring wills and granting letters of administration in cases where persons die without leaving a will.

  • School District of Philadelphia

    Providing a high-quality education that prepares, ensures, and empowers students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential.


    Operating Philadelphia’s public transit services and managing construction projects that maintain, replace, and expand transit infrastructure.

  • Tax Review Board

    Resolving non-judicial, taxpayer disputes related to City taxes, charges, fees, and fines.

  • The Civil Service Commission

    Advising the Mayor and the Director of Human Resources on problems concerning personnel administration and upholding the interest of the City's merit-based civil service system.

  • The President’s House

    Commemorating the nation’s first two presidents through an open-air installation that marks the site where George Washington and John Adams served their terms of office and began to shape the executive branch of the federal government.

  • Town Watch Integrated Services

    Promoting safety in the neighborhood by engaging institutions, community- based organizations, and local leaders to dialogue toward developing an agenda for action. These actions and plans involve pre and post intervention services while developing viable partnerships.

  • Water Revenue Bureau

    Collecting water and sewer fees from city residents and ensuring that the Water Department has the resources necessary to provide high-quality water and cost-effective wastewater treatment.

  • Youth Commission

    Working with the City, non-profits, community organizations, and private entities to develop strategies to improve the lives of Philadelphia’s youth.