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Water meters

The following are instructions for installing water meters and what to do if a water meter is damaged.

Installing a water meter

If you do not have a water meter, or your current meter is damaged, call (215) 685-3000 to schedule an appointment to allow a City representative into your home to install a replacement AMR meter at your property. Upon installation, the property owner will be responsible for safeguarding the meter and meter components from theft, vandalism, freezing, tampering or other damage. Until your replacement meter is installed, the Water Revenue Bureau will send you an estimated bill based on the amount of water used in the past and the previously determined size of your meter.

Automatic meter reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) uses radio waves to transmit information about your water usage. This allows a City representative to read your meter without entering your home. AMR readings happen once a month.

Broken water meter

Having a water meter at your property means you are responsible for keeping it in good condition. If your water meter breaks, call (215) 685-6300 to get it repaired or replaced.