Safety & emergency preparedness

Access to restricted areas

The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) Program helps businesses reduce damage and loss resulting from disasters by allowing access to restricted areas after an emergency has happened.

The program works by offering businesses a way to identify and authenticate “critical business employees.” Once they are credentialed through CEAS, these employees are issued a secure identification card—recognized by the police—and are granted access to restricted areas following a disaster or serious emergency. Critical business employees can then access a work site to assess damages and retrieve vital records, valuable assets, and other business-related items, to limit operational down-time and speeding recovery. Early access also gives businesses the ability to rescue hardware and critical equipment and stabilize and sustain core IT systems.

ID allocation and costs

Participating businesses are allotted a set number of emergency access ID cards for critical employees, based on total employee population.

Program participants cover the costs for the CEAS program. However, rather than charge a yearly fee to participating companies, all costs associated with the program (like application management, card production, and training,) are built into the cost of the ID cards. This allows costs to be distributed equitably, with smaller businesses paying a relatively lower fee for fewer employees and larger companies paying more, commensurate with their number of critical employees.

Enroll in the program

To enroll, visit the CEAS website or call their Customer Support Center at (888) 353-BNET.  

Participating businesses must comply with specific requirements, including minimum liability insurance coverage and indemnification. The CEAS website has additional information pertaining to these insurance requirements.