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Income-based water bill payment agreements

The Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) and the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) offer a number of income-based water bill payment agreements for qualifying customers.

If you don’t qualify for income-based assistance, other grants and benefit programs are available. Check the related links for more information on these options.

Low-income payment agreements

If you’re having trouble affording your water bill, you might qualify for a low-income payment agreement.These agreements increase the amount of time you have to pay the full amount you owe. When you enter into an agreement, you must pay each installment in full and on time.

To qualify, you must:

  • Live in the property for which you apply.
  • Show that your total household income is within federal low income guidelines.
  • Submit copies of Social Security cards for each person living with you.
  • Provide evidence of all expenses such as utility bills, mortgage or rent payments, and real estate taxes.
  • Have a working water meter that registers active usage every month.

You can apply for a payment agreement in person, by mail, or by calling (215) 686-6880 for an application.

Standard payment agreements

If you’re having difficulty paying your water and sewer bill on time, call (215) 686-6880 to ask about a standard payment agreement. This agreement lets you break up the amount you owe into smaller installments, which you pay over a longer period of time.

You can enter into a maximum of two standard payment agreements once your water and sewer payment is late. If you fail to meet the terms of your first payment agreement, you can:

  • Pay the entire amount due on your bill; or
  • Enter into a second payment agreement.

If you fail to meet the terms of your second agreement, you must pay the entire amount due on your bill. You will not be eligible for a third payment agreement.