September 5th was the official first day of school for Philadelphia’s community schools students. To celebrate, we asked our community schools coordinators and staff to share some behind the scenes pictures and tweets from what the first day of school was like.

Community schools are public schools where a full-time coordinator works with the entire school community to identify and meet the needs of the community so students and families can thrive.

Below, are some of our favorite moments captured by community school coordinators and staff!

1. This video that captures just a bit of the organized chaos from the first day of school


2. This much-deserved shout out to parent volunteers


3. This confident Gideon student who is going to take the 4th grade by storm (and his awesome support system that will help him do it)


4. This example of what “positive school climate” really looks like


5. This community coming together and pledging to support their students


6. This principal and coordinator dream team looking calm and caffeinated before the students arrive


7. This epic first day selfie with Dobbins CTE High School staff


8. This community school coordinator’s first day in school


9. This tweet delving into the many roles of a community school coordinator


10. This customized snapchat filter for South Philadelphia High School students to use (just not during school hours)


11. This before and after of Southwark School’s blacktop


12. This casual lunchtime chat between George Washington High School students, Mayor Kenney, and Superintendent Dr. Hite


13. This coordinated back to school dance break


14. This beautiful mural at George Washington High School and the even more beautiful meaning behind it


15. And finally, these words of wisdom that apply to all students

Now let’s go have a great year!

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