Philadelphia Real Estate Taxes are due March 31, and so are applications for programs that can help lower your payment

The Real Estate Tax Deferral program allows Philadelphia homeowners whose 2017 Real Estate Taxes have increase by more than 15%, to defer the amount that is above the 15%. Income guidelines apply. Applicants must use the property as their primary residence. Also, all real estate taxes on the property must be current or under a payment agreement. The deadline to apply is March 31.

Homeowners can defer the excess amount until transfer or sale of the property. But, an annual interest rate of at least 2% will apply to the deferred amount.

The Real Estate Installment Program allows homeowners who own and live in their homes to pay their annual Real Estate Taxes in monthly installments with no penalties or interest. Income guidelines apply. However, all senior citizens 65 years or older are eligible, regardless of income.

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