Law Department

Providing legal advice and services to City departments, agencies, boards, commissions, and elected officials.

Law Department

What we do

Employing nearly 300 people, including almost 200 attorneys, The Law Department represents the City in litigation and in contractual and regulatory matters.

The Law Department:

  • Represents the City’s interests in litigation.
  • Negotiates, drafts, and approves City contracts.
  • Assists the City in collecting unpaid taxes, fines, and other debts.
  • Counsels City departments, agencies, boards, and commissions on regulatory compliance.
  • Represents the City in child welfare and health matters.
  • Prepares legislation for introduction in City Council.


1515 Arch St.
17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

You can access the Law Department's full content on our existing website.


Sozi Pedro Tulante
City Solicitor
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Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Vanessa Garrett-Harley Chair, Social Service Group(215) 683-5174
Steve Ludovico Director of Administrative Services(215) 683-5235
Donna J. Mouzayck Deputy Administrative Solicitor(215) 683-5005
Marcel S. Pratt Chair, Litigation Group(215) 683-5038
Andrew Richman Chief of Staff(215) 683-5067
Valerie Robinson Chair, Corporate Group(215) 683-5031
Craig M. Straw First Deputy City Solicitor(215) 683-5442