Part of the Plan is the Office of Emergency Management’s monthly video series where we open our public safety plans and partnerships. Something we value at OEM is informing and including the public as to your roles in our plans. As we say: You are the Public in Public Safety.  This month, we take a look at a critical member of the public safety community: you. 

March 27, 2018

Emergency preparedness and safety starts in your home.

During an emergency, you are the first to respond, providing help until police, fire or emergency medical services arrive.

Being emergency ready at home is a core belief of our READYCommunity program. We believe a strong home creates an involved community that builds a resilient city.

Recently, the Mobile CPR Project Philadelphia visited our READYCommunity in Wynnefield and Overbrook to give hands-on CPR training to neighbors.

The reason? Knowing CPR  is a life-and-death matter in Philadelphia.

The Mobile CPR Project’s CPR Ready campaign was created to counter low public awareness of how to react during a sudden cardiac arrest and improve the survival rate of people who experience cardiac arrest by training people.

According to the Mobile CPR Project Philadelphia:

  • Less than 3% of the U.S. populations receives CPR training annually.
  • 70% of Americans don’t know how to administer CPR or are afraid of hurting the victim.
  • Just about every 90 seconds, someone in the U.S goes into cardiac arrest.
  • 70% of cardiac cases happen at home.
  • Timing is critical. Chances of survival fall 7-10% for each minute resuscitation is delayed.
  • In Philadelphia, the percentage of people who received bystander CPR is 14.3%. The national average is well over double that at 39.6%.
  • Also in Philadelphia, the percentage of people who witness shockable cardiac arrest survival is 20.4%. Than national average is 33.4%.

The Mobile CPR Project Philadelphia says you can save a life in two easy ways. To become CPR Ready, please visit their website.


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